Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote in belisaere,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

A Few Quick Questions

I'd never heard of Garth Nix until the other day when the nice bookstore lady said I'd like it when I asked for something Gaimanesque to read my kids (9 and 11 year old boys). She wanted to sell me the Old Kingdom books but they were out, so she started me on the Keys to the Kingdom series instead. We're three chapters into Mister Monday and we all like it.

Anyway, are the two "Kingdom" series related? Is it the same Kingdom? Is Arthur Penhalgion's world supposed to be Not Quite our world? What's the publishing schedule for Keys to the Kingdom? I know we're through Wednesday now, when's the other four days supposed to come out? If we want start another Nix book (after we're done with Harry and the HBP), should we just start the completed series instead?
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