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"There has been continual interest in Sabriel film rights over the last few years. I've always said that I'm prepared to sell the rights either to people whose work I respect or for vast amounts of money, preferably both! Typically, most of the approaches have been from people whose work I don't respect offering small amounts of money. But there are some ongoing discussions with some excellent film-makers so I remain hopeful."

This has, of course, had me drooling like crazy for a Film Trilogy.  I feel it would  be a great loss to not have these films produced - especially in a time where film-makers for the most part seem to have run completely dry of ideas for good films - that is to say, good plot, good characters, good dialogue and so on.  Let's face it most films today are either carbon copies of the same mediocre idea, or remakes of old films, and the amount of original, artistically fantastic material that's been coming out is so few and far between that it literally becomes sensational hype, which starts to detract from the actual film eventually.
Fantasy films that have done well in a Post-LOTR film era are essentially the Harry Potter and the Narnia film, or films, as it is soon to be with Narnia as well.  The rest have all been tragically disappointing.  Even a lot of the HP stuff that came out round about the same time as LOTR was tragically short of the benchmark being set by Peter Jackson and his WETA Workshops effects and prop team.  The Hobbit is slotted to be fantastic.
But are we really willing to settle for that.  I'm not.  I want The Old Kingdom Series on Film without a doubt.  But I agree with Nix: it has to be done by someone we, like him, can respect and who does good work.
Now, I've often thought about the look of the film - how it would be.  And how I would interpret it for screen etc.  But what about the who-does-what.  So I feel the need to do a casting call and see what people think about who should direct, star, etc.
Feel free to refute or support anything I say here in comments, but I'm interested to see others fill out this list:

Director:  As long as he doesn't take so many liberties as his work on LOTR, I'm happy with a nomination of Peter Jackson.  He's got a great eye for fantasy, and he can string a story together well.  He's also very detail oriented, which I think would be absolutely crucial in these films.  My one reservation is that his brilliance with LOTR was that he was so passionate about it.  If he doesn't care much for Nix's work, he shouldn't tackle it.  It would be interested to see what a guy like Steven Spielberg would do as well, since he hasn't to my knowledge done a full-out fantasy film, but I think he'd be able to bring something unique, especially to the Ancelstierre side of the story, to a film like this.  So he's an option too.  Ridley Scott would likely have a  good eye for this, too.

Cast for Sabriel

Sabriel: Kate Beckinsale would have the total right look for the role in my mind.  Perhaps she's a bit associated with Underworld, but she'd work.  But age is an issue.  This is a role for which someone would have to be hand-picked from a great many no-name auditions.  An unknown, younger actress would be most perfect, I think.

Touchstone: Call me crazy, but I think Dominic Monaghan would be fantastic here.  He did a great job in LOTR and everything since, and I feel he'd be able to pull off both the younger and, later in the others, the older Touchstone with great flare.

Terciel:  My sense of humor says Liam Neeson, Hugo Weaving or Keanu Reeves.  None of those options satisfy me on a serious level, though.  Viggo Mortensen is far too associated with Aragorn, and I think he may come across as a little flat and one-dimensional in this role - which is one I'd love to see made more complex, especially with the flashbacks from his connections with Lirael.  So, the winner is Pierce Brosnan.  I defy you to come up with someone better ;)  Good costuming and the right insights into the character, and I think he could definitely do some amazing and fun things with it.

  James Earl Jones!  No, seriously now - Sith Lords aside - I'm all for Tim Curry voicing our Free Magic Feline.

Sanar and Ryelle:  Should be played by the same person.  Sarah Carter would be a fantastic choice.  Alice Taglioni has the right look - especially for the older twins in Lirael and Abhorsen - but I don't know if she'd be able to pull of the dialogue.  Who knows, though.  I'd give her a shot at it, though.

Lieutenant Tindall: I'm all for Jamie Bell on this one.  He'd look fantastic in Ancelstierran military gear.  As with Sabriel, though, his older character would need an older actor.

Major Greene:  Dare I say it?  David Thewlis, more commonly know as this guy, wins hands down.  If you have any doubts, watch Kingdom of Heaven.

Kerrigor/Rogir:  Sean Bean.  It's just. . . all there.  The only drawback is that he may seem a bit old for the flashbacks involving Rogir.  But he'd be so suited.

I'm going to refrain from listing the other, more minor characters.  Magistrix Greenwood is the only other potential character from whom brilliance would be expected.  I could be wrong.  Feel free to throw out your thoughts on some of these.

I will do the same for Lirael and Abhorsen if there's considerable enough interest :)
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