Inkie (chlorr) wrote in belisaere,

Across the Wall

Just recently bought 'Across the Wall!' The lady had to go into the back room to get it, because I went to purchase it July 5 (the American release date). But I was so happy when I got it. =)

I've finished 'Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case.' Left me with some new questions about the Old Kingdom, and it was nice to know a little bit more about Nick. Yay!

I've only read one of the short stories included (slow reader, I know) but when I finish them, I'll post a proper review. So far, I've loved it and strongly recomend purchasing it, if you haven't already.

Also, Christmas of 2006 Harper Collins UK is releasing a leather-bound edition of Sabriel! Can't wait to see what the cover will look like. My poor paperback edition is already tearing a bit at the corners. =(
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